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1st Place—International Fiction Contest, The Write Place at the Write Time, for short story, “Bicycles,” 2015.

Literature Finalist—“Sick As a Dog,” Poetry Finalist—“Wolves Howl at the Moon,” & Photography Finalist, “Shower,” Line Zero, Vol. 2, Issue 3, Pink Fish Press, 6/2012.

1st Place—12th Annual Salute to Arts Poetry Contest, national winner for “Seeds,” Triton College, River Grove, IL, 1993.

Finalist—to write The Iris Project (national talent search), Chicago, IL, 1993.

Awarded private grant by arts patron Shirley J. Berk, Malibu, CA 1988.

1st Place—Screenwriting Contest, CSULB, Long Beach, CA, 1984.

2nd Place/Gold Press Card—“Best Fiction Article,” magazine competition, California Intercollegiate Press Association, 1984.

Finalist—Screenwriting Contest, CSULB, CA, 1983.

Finalist—University Writers’ Competition, CSULB, CA, 1982.

1st Place—Bill Jaquith Memorial Scholarship Award, Best Essay for “Watch Dogs,” CSULB, CA, ’82.