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Back when I was still an impetuous, young man, I had a starter wife.  After we split-up, I moved to a one-bedroom rental near Pasadena City College. As I was unpacking, I found a paperback novel, Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut, which she’d been reading and had misplaced in with my books.  On its cover, it boasted itself a “Bestseller.”

I laid on the couch, opened the book, and started reading.  It was the story of Kilgore Trout, a struggling science fiction writer, as Vonnegut himself had been early in his writing career, who eventually wins a Nobel Prize.

When I closed the book at its end, I said aloud to myself:

“I can do that.”

The next day, I walked down the street to the corner where it dead-ended at Colorado Boulevard and the mirror pools of Pasadena City College. I entered an administration building and waited my turn in line.  At the counter, I purchased a Student I.D. card and enrolled in a short story writing class.

 I’ve been writing ever since that day.  And I continued to read the rest of Vonnegut’s novels and short stories, of which, I’m a great fan.