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200 Meters

When she draws the outside lane, I mumble my displeasure, then look my daughter in the eyes. “It’s the toughest lane to win from.  You’ll think you’re leading, then as you come out of the turn, the entire field makes… Read More »200 Meters

A Reasonable Explanation

It was late afternoon when I got off work.  I’d powered through lunch—pipe-fitting an overhead water main with another retirement-age construction worker—so I was hungry and my arms and shoulders ached.  But I’d been working-out regularly—mostly bench press and dumbbells—so… Read More »A Reasonable Explanation

Fab Forum

When I was in my late-twenties, a young lady invited me to a rock concert at the Fabulous Forum for which she had complimentary (she worked for a writers’ agent), back-stage passes.  I wore a tailored sport jacket, white collared… Read More »Fab Forum