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Feeling Lucky: A Pandemic Novel

In the heart of a world engulfed by the tumultuous waves of a global epidemic and a societal uprising, the lines between fiction and reality blur in this gripping modern-day thriller. Within the chaos, a mysterious figure navigates the shifting sands of identity and purpose.

Meet the enigmatic protagonist, whose name changes as swiftly as the winds of fate—she’s Lucky one day, Jackie the next. Is she a genuine actress, a skilled con artist, or a masterful blend of both? Is she an avenging angel seeking justice or a cunning gold-digger weaving intricate schemes Black Lives Matter activist? The elusive nature of her character keeps everyone guessing, raising questions about whether she is the hunter or the prey in this intricate game of survival.

As the narrative unfolds, the protagonist’s journey takes unexpected twists, leaving readers to ponder her true motivations. Is she driven by a sense of justice, or is there a more personal agenda at play? The exploration of her sexual identity adds another layer of complexity—straight or lesbian, the answer remains elusive. The dichotomy of her character raises provocative questions that challenge societal norms and preconceptions.