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My Writing Routine

I don’t have a writing routine.  Just an office that I built long ago attached to the back of my garage.  Currently remodeling it.  When I feel like writing—I write.  Tends to come in chunks.  i.e. Sometimes I write a lot, sometimes not at all.  Depends on my circumstances. 

I was kicking-ass on THE COP GUY a few months back, when suddenly felled with viral pneumonia and spent the next three months in the hospital!  Almost checked-out for good!  As one doctor told me on day three:

 “We can’t find an anti-viral drug that’s working.  Better make end-of-life plans.”

I did.  My wife, grown son and daughter sat around my hospital bed, waiting for me to expire.  Nothing more they could do.  A few hours later, the same doctor returned to tell us:

“We just found a drug that’s working.  Try to hang in there till morning.”

When I woke up the next morning, I wasn’t dead.  But it was a long, drawn-out, intravenous process (sometimes both arms simultaneously) to get the virus out of my system.  (Still taking the same anti-viral drug in pill form now.)  Then I spent two weeks in a rehab facility learning how to walk with a walker.  Then back in the hospital again.  And finally, home! 

Lost one-fifth of my body weight.  Eating like a sow now to regain the weight.  Working-out—lifting weights, extended walks, swimming laps in my mother-in-law’s backyard pool, riding my stationary bike while watching sporting events on TV—to regain my vigor. 

And after a long, unexpected pause, I’m diving back into THE COP GUY